Google Glasses – Are they necessary?

*This post was being carried over from my previous blog*

I’ve got to admit, Google Glasses are cool. Very cool. I presume once Google Glasses are released, there will be copycats and Samsung Glasses and other brands will appear, the prices will drop and it may even become mainstream. Many people will be having one because they’ll be quite affordable. But have anyone ever thought of the consequences of what is known as the “Smart Glasses” becoming too mainstream?

Imagine this : “Please switch off your glasses during takeoff and landing”. Sounds a little familiar?Currently when the plane is about to takeoff or land, passengers are required to switch off all electronic devices due to fear of signals from those devices interfering with the plane’s control. With “Smart Glasses”, we’ll now have to switch off our glasses or even take them off. During examinations, we are reminded to keep all electronic devices capable of storing or displaying any information into our bags. Do we have to keep our glasses into our bags too? When we go into the cinema or court where any form of recording is forbidden, do we also have to remove our glasses? Bear in mind what I’m saying is if “Smart Glasses” becomes too mainstream and 50% or more people are using it (Like smartphones are mainstream now).

What is designed to bring convenience to our lives may become a burden in the long run. Imagine having to remove your glasses during each of the circumstances I mentioned above. If you’re an employer, would you allow your employee to wear “Smart Glasses”to work? With “Smart Glasses”, one can take a picture of confidential data and upload them online easily. With “Smart Glasses”, there’ll be lack of privacy because anyone will be able to record/take a picture/video of you, without you knowing easily. Some may argue that Smartphones may also do the same thing, but if a person sitting right in front of you tries to take a video of you, will he be able to do it much easier without you noticing with a “Smart Glass” or “Smartphones”? Another major concern about “Smart Glasses’ is that it pose a sever safety problem. Do you think many drivers will obey the rule of “No using Smart Glasses when driving”? This poses a huge threat to other drivers as well as pedestrians.

It’s not that I hate the new “Google Glasses”, I’ve watched the video and it’s really cool. But do you really think it is necessary in our lives? Will it bring more convenience rather than burden? I honestly feel that having a smartphone is more than enough. If “Smart Glasses” becomes a mainstream, one famous speech we’ll all hear is “OH NO! I FORGOT TO CHARGE MY GLASSES!”:)


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