Has Apple really lose it’s innovations?

“Apple is losing it’s innovations. Their products aren’t as innovative anymore.” Sounds familiar anyone? Well, that’s what being said by many anti-Apple fans claiming that their favourite tech company is innovating.

What I think “Innovation” really is : A huge breakthrough of product/s that change the way people live or do things.

Apple did 3 huge innovations :

  1. Apple commercialise and made personal computing (PC) possible with mouse and GUI – I really cannot imagine myself using command line interface instead of GUI.
  2. Apple changed the entertainment (music and movie) industry with iPods and iTunes – Before the iPod, people were using bulky walkmans with cassette tapes or CDs. With the introduction of iPod and iTunes in 2001, Apple re-invent how people listen, purchase and store their music and movies in the cloud.
  3. Apple re-invents the phone – The definition of “smartphones” before the iPhone was phones with small screens and physical keyboards that literally fills half the phone. If the iPhone wasn’t invented, I highly doubt that the current generation of phones will be so advance.

3.1 . Apple made touch screen tablets possible – I labelled this as 3.1 because the tablet and smartphone ideas are sort of familiar.

What did Samsung/Microsoft/HTC/Nokia innovate? I’m sure coming up with phones with larger screen, larger RAM and more powerful processors aren’t counted as innovations. So please stop saying that Apple is losing innovation. Innovation takes many years, it doesn’t come often.

Throughout the 37 years Apple have been operating, they made 3 innovations. The Macintosh in 1984, the iPod + iTunes in 2001 and the iPhone in 2007. 3 innovations in 37 years is quite an amount, seeing that lots of companies doesn’t come up with innovations at all throughout their lifespan (take Microsoft for example).

Don’t assume that Apple lose it’s innovation just because they stop coming up with “Revolutionary” products, coming up with them takes time. I doubt anyone can name any “Revolutionary” products that Apple’s rivals has innovated.


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